SEG hears from real world test of RESQML data exchange.

Kepler project trials Energistics’ vendor-independent protocol on Na Kika deepwater Gulf of Mexico data exchange.

At the 2018 Annual meeting of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists, Jay Hollingsworth compered a real-world collaborative test of EnergisticsResqml as a vehicle for cross vendor reservoir model data sharing. The Kepler project is a multi-vendor pilot that demonstrated the value of the Resqml standard in earth model data transfer. Partners in the BP/Shell-backed project included CMG, Dynamic Graphics, Emerson (Paradigm and Roxar), IFP/Beicip and Schlumberger.

Reservoir modeling typically involves data sharing between different disciplines, each with their own preferred software tools. Prior to Resqml, data was easily corrupted or lost during transfer due to different model footprints. Resqml addresses these issues by enabling different model components (objects) to be moved safely between software tools. The Kepler project used data from BP’s Na Kika Gulf of Mexico development and involved an operator sending a geological model to a joint venture partner who generates an alternative facies scenario and pore volume estimate. This was then passed back to the original model for additional fluid flow studies and visualization of the time-stepped results. Kepler demonstrated exchange real field data, across six different vendors using several applications. The demo was enabled with help from technology providers Amazon and RedHat along with the Society of HPC Professionals.

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