Extreme-scale seismic data processing library

Tullow Oil-led researchers release ExSeisDat as open source software.

A group of Irish R&D establishments, with help from Tullow Oil have has released ExSeisDat (Extreme-Scale Seismic Data), a set of open source parallel I/O and workflow libraries for petroleum seismology. The libraries address the data handling requirements of modern terabyte-scale seismic surveys. ESD addresses the problems associated with standard SEG-Y files with a easy-to-use, object-oriented libraries that are portable and open source and with bindings available in multiple languages. A low level parallel I/O library, ExSeisPIOL bridges the gap between the SEG-Y file structure and file system organization.

A higher level seismic workflow library further simplifies operations by implicitly handling all I/O parameters. ExSeisFlow targets prestack processing of single traces, individual gathers or entire surveys. Functions include out-of-core sorting, binning, filtering, and transforming. The libraries are optimized to handle spatial and temporal locality and are said to fit well with burst buffer technologies such as DDN’s Infinite Memory Engine (IME) system. ExSeisDat on IME delivers a significant improvement to I/O performance over standalone parallel file systems like Lustre. ExSeisDat was developed by researchers from the Irish center for high-end computing, Lero, DDN Storage and Tullow Oil. The work is published as an open access paper in OGST, the IFP Energies Nouvelles’ research publication.

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