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Marmot Passive Monitoring to test 5D Quantum Monitor for shale and EOR. ExproSoft investigates Norway’s BOP failures.

Switzerland-based Marmot Passive Monitoring Technologies is inviting participation in a consortium to investigate continuous monitoring of geodynamic phenomena for operations control and risk assessment. The consortium leverage Marmot’s acoustic monitoring concept, the 5D Quantum Monitor (5DQM) in various fields including oil and gas production from conventional and shale reservoirs. 5DQM is a directional seismic data acquisition system coupled with a ‘cognitive’ data management system leveraging an artificial intelligence-based forensic data base. More from Marmot.

ExproSoft has initiated a joint industry project to assess the reliability of BOPs used for subsea drilling in Norway. Currently, BOP failures and testing are major contributors to rig downtime. Previous studies have shown some 6%-8% of rig time is used for repairing and testing the BOP, potentially exposing operations to unnecessary risk when the BOP is pulled. The JIP will analyze data from Norwegian wells spudded during the period 2016–2017 that experienced BOP failures, maintenance and well kicks. Data from daily drilling reports will be structured and analyzed in ExproSoft’s systems. The Norwegian Petroleum Safety Authority is supporting the project, providing drilling reports from participating operators. Current partners include Equinor, AkerBP, Lundin, VNG Norge, Faroe Petroleum, and Wellesley Petroleum. Late entrants to the JIP are still accepted. More from ExproSoft.

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