Open Subsurface Data Universe

Shell backs The Open Group initiative for a standard upstream data platform. TOG rolls-out DPBoK snapshot.

Speaking at The Open Group’s (TOG) recent Houston event ‘Digital Transformation in the Energy Industry’, Shell CIO Johan Krebbers announced a new initiative, the Open Subsurface Data Universe (OSDU), a forum that sets out to deliver a ‘standard data platform to bring together exploration, development, and well data.’ Krebbers presented the business drivers for an ‘open, cloud-based data architecture for oil and gas’. OSDU is to ‘separate data from applications’ with a data-centric approach ‘supported by metadata.’ OSDU targets the ‘faster delivery of capabilities and lower implementation and lifecycle costs across the subsurface community. The forum aims to combine new digital technologies and best business practices to address business and technical issues related to subsurface data. OSDU is to be a consensus-based group of customers, suppliers and academia, relevant to oil and gas operators, cloud services companies, vendors and others.

In separate announcement, TOG has released the ‘first official snapshot’ of the Digital Practitioner Body of Knowledge (DPBoK), representing ‘the interim results of what is intended to become the DPBoK standard.’ The DPBok snapshot is a 100,000 word plus discourse on things digital. Companies in the throes of a digital transformation may like to check out TOG’s contribution to the field that involves a scenario ‘wherein an individual is looking to buy a prosthetic limb for her brother’ and the ‘seven levers of change’ involved in the journey to digital nirvana.

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