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Inductive Automation on Oracle’s changes to Java roadmap. Blue Marble’s Beginners Guide to geodesy. Siemens Industrial Knowledge Graph. Explor super high density seismics. Litigation: Teradata vs. SAP. Total/Chesapeake vs rights holders, WellDog vs. Aussie ‘pirates.’

Inductive Automation’s twin bloggers Carl Gould and Colby Clegg warn about the sweeping changes to the Java roadmap that Oracle is making. Oracle has made the decision to remove applets and Java Web Start from future versions of Java, essentially removing the web-based deployment mechanism for desktop applications. Oracle is also transitioning to a faster release model, with a new major version every six months, which will allow it to modernize the Java ecosystem more quickly. Read the IA blog on how Inductive Automation is coping with the changes and why Java remains the development environment of choice for many. A white paper about the changes is also available from Oracle.

Blue Marble Geographics has produced a Beginner’s Guide to Geodesy, explaining geographical coordinate systems, datums and bearings. The Guide provides a brief introduction to geodesy along with an outline of issues involved in managing GIS data. An useful resource for beginners and a refresher for more experienced users and developers.

Siemens has announced an Industrial Knowledge Graph powered by Metaphactory and Amazon Neptune. The tool appears to be deployed in Siemens own plant information management with the multi-location assembly and manufacture of wind turbines as use case. Product information is mapped in the knowledge graph across a data integrity dashboard. Expert-defined rules in SPARQL assure data quality. The FOAF (friend-of-a-friend) graph also ran. Amazon recently announced the ‘general availability’ of Neptune with enthusiastic support from scientific publisher Pearson.

Canadian seismic contractor Explor claims a record for a ‘PinPoint’ ultra high density 3D seismic data survey. Seismic data over a ‘small area’ of an oil sands prospect was acquired at a staggering 100 million traces/km2 at full offset with minimal environmental impact.

Finally on the more litigious side of the business, Teradata has filed a suit against SAP alleging a ‘decade-long campaign of trade secret misappropriation, copyright infringement and antitrust violations’ At issue is an alleged misappropriation of Teradata IP in the developed of SAP HANA.
A Texas Court has rejected efforts Chesapeake and Total to dismiss claims filed by mineral interest owners over ‘sham’ transactions associated with royalty payments. The mineral owners argued that the wellhead sale of gas between Chesapeake and Total affiliates should be disregarded when calculating royalties since the practice qualifies as a ‘sham transaction’ under Texas law. The dispute is now likely going to trial.
WellDog has filed a ‘$100 million’ law suit in respect of a ‘multi-year conspiracy between insiders that led to the theft of its Australian subsidiary.’ The insider ‘pirates’ allegedly improperly acquired WellDog’s business assets out of bankruptcy when they formed a company, Qteq Pty Ltd.

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