Electrification of Norway’s offshore industry. Siemens BlueVault. PG Flow Solutions electric pumps.

Equinor (ex-Statoil) burnishes environmental credentials. Siemens unveils BlueVault battery systems for offshore at OTC. PG Flow Solutions’ e-pumps for Aker BP’s Valhall Flank West.

Statoil cements its transmutation to a new, greener identity as Equinor, with a proposal to electrify three North Sea platforms currently powered by gas turbines. The transition could cut CO2 emissions from Troll C and the Sleipner area by more than 600,000 tonnes per year.

Equinor also announced the commencement of cable laying operations that will supply electricity to its Johan Sverdrup new build that is to be ‘best in class’ for CO2 emissions. Bundled with the 200 kilometer power cable is a fiber optic cable for communication, monitoring and ‘when required,’ remote control of parts of the Johan Sverdrup field’s operations from the shore. Electrifying Johan Sverdrup will save another 400,000 tonnes of CO2 per year.

In a similar greenish vein, at the 2018 OTC, Siemens unveiled its BlueVault energy storage solutions for offshore operations. The lithium-ion battery ensures continuity of power and minimizes carbon dioxide emissions. Siemens is to open a ‘fully robotized and digitalized’ plant in Norway to manufacture energy storage technologies for marine and offshore oil and gas applications.

Aker BP, on behalf of the Wellhead Platform Alliance, has awarded PG Flow Solutions a contract to supply a number of pump systems to the Valhall Flank West platform. The unmanned VFW platform will be fully electrified and designed to minimize the need for maintenance activities.

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