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INT has announced IVAAP 2.0 with new data connectors for OSIsoft PI, Peloton Wellview and generic Witsml. IVAAP now also supports GeoJSON.

At the OTC, Schlumberger introduced OptiWell, a new well construction performance service. Curiously, the announcement made no mention of the Delfi ‘cognitive’ E&P environment and its first ‘DrillPlan’ app. By way of explanation for the marketing oversight, Schlumberger told Oil IT Journal, ‘OptiWell does use the Delfi environment to provide real time drilling analysis and increase operational efficiency.’ At the time of writing though, the OptiWell landing page remains silent on Delfi!

AspenTech has released the Aspen Edge Connect and Aspen Cloud Connect products in the latest, 10.1 release of AspenOne. The Connect portfolio creates an IoT infrastructure where analytics and machine learning applications link to a ‘high-performance data environment’ on premise or in the cloud.

Coreworx Release 8 introduces Coreworx Connect, a secure hub where project teams can share ‘official’ data with clients, partners and contractors. The solution avoids the risks of third party access to the company network, or of copying and emailing project information to outside systems.

An upcoming release of EpsisTeamBox collaboration solution adds interoperability with SAP and Microsoft Excel workbooks. Controlling access to Skype and Adobe Acrobat has been simplified.

Flare Solutions’s Sirus, the third generation of its oil and gas information management platform adds ‘intelligent search and analytics,’ with search across multiple information sources. Sirus’ deploys SAP’s Orient DB graph database, augmented with apps for tagging, searching and managing information.

Geophysics by SeisWare’ V 10.0 has rolled-out with new interpretation functionality and an SDK.

Geologic SystemsGeoScout V 8.7 includes a new data analytics module, ownership analysis upgrades, proprietary production integration and new FracFocus data integration.

GeoTeric has announced ‘Validate,’ an interactive forward modelling tool designed for the ‘everyday interpreter.’ Validate models geological scenarios to see how they influence the colors in an RGB blend. Validate is a part of Geoteric’s 2018.1 release and was developed in a joint industry project involving VNG, Spirit Energy, Lundin BHP and DEA.

Geovariances has announced UncerTZ, a geostatistical time-to-depth conversion toolset. UncerTZ will be delivered as a plug-in to Isatis.neo, scheduled for release early 2019 and promises ‘sophisticated new methodologies’ integrating multiple sources of uncertainty.

Halliburton’s DecisionSpace Production Engineering and Production Insights add analytical dashboards and production engineering capabilities to the DecisionSpace Production portfolio. The new tools integrate economics and reservoir information to solve production challenges. Optionally, the software can be delivered from the Halliburton iEnergy cloud.

Hexagon has announced ‘Xalt,’ a new IoT platform that facilitates the creation of ‘autonomous connected ecosystems’ that ‘connect the physical world with the digital.’ Xalt promises enterprise integration, cloud orchestration, data visualization and artificial intelligence ‘everywhere.’ Xalt is now the ‘cornerstone’ of Hexagon’s strategy for industry-specific solutions that integrate sensors, data, and software to create ‘smart digital realities.’

The US NETL has release a global oil and gas features database as an ArcGIS geodatabase. A technical report on the resource is also available.

A new release of OSIsoft’s PI Integrator for Business Analytics focuses on preparing operational data for training machine learning algorithms. The new streaming data capability feeds into Azure or other cloud platforms, stream-processing engines, data lakes and warehouses. PI Integrator ‘slashes the painful work of data prep,’ currently the ‘Achilles heel of digital transformation.’

Calgary-based startup Cougarstone Solutions is developing ‘Abandonless,’ an automated well abandonment workflow leveraging OVS Group’s One Virtual Source platform. Initial focus is Alberta with its comprehensive public data set and public interest in the issue. Cougarstone is seeking to further the project in a consortium.

The 6.5.3 edition of Ikon Science’s RokDoc flagship adds 4D reservoir modelling and the ‘Theseus’ knowledge management system, ‘opening the door to large-scale machine learning and artificial intelligence data applications.’

Emerson’s Roxar unit has released version 8.2 of Tempest, its reservoir management package. The new release adds ‘Big Loop’ extensions and improved third party integration. Tempest’s Enable uncertainty management and history matching module now supports the Nexus and CMG simulators along with cluster queueing systems such as LSF, PBS and UGE. The Tempest More simulator adds support for LPG and natural gas liquid production.

Thermo Scientific’s new AutoXP flow computer doubles as a smart multivariable transmitter, providing a common platform for multiple oil and gas applications. The ruggedized/ATEX flow computer addresses downstream, midstream and upstream used cases for gas and liquid production. Bluetooth connectivity allows users to access the instrument remotely without exposure to hazardous materials. The device is compatible with the Thermo Scientific AutoConfig software platform with updated standards for hydrocarbon measurement calculations.

The 10.3 release of Peloton’s WellView enhances drilling data import and analysis. Witsml or LAS data can be imported and combined with real time drilling data. A multi curve tool allows depth-based logs from multiple wells to be compared for analysis and planning. Peloton has also announced a software as a service (SaaS) hosted edition of its drilling portfolio.

Yokogawa has announced ‘OpreX’ for ‘profit-driven operations’ in process industries including oil and gas. OpreX combines Yokogawa’s domain knowledge with applications developed in its KBC Advanced Technologies unit. The solution was originally developed for refining and petrochemicals and is now extending into LNG applications. Profit-driven operation is the first solution to bear the OpreX brand, which is to unify all of Yokogawa’s industrial automation products. The flagship solution also embeds Yokogawa’s ‘synaptic business automation’ concept of co-innovation with customers.

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