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CGG, EnergyIQ, Entero, Geologix, IFPen ‘FraC,’ INT GeoToolkit, MVE Move, NIST’s ‘Dual-Comb,’ Opto 22’s Epic, P2 ES’ Qbyte, Red Hat, Sunrise Systems, Rock Flow Dynamics, Yokogawa.

CGG GeoSoftware has announced new releases across its geoscience portfolio with notably, a data ‘load once, use everywhere’ function to share seismic volumes between Jason and HampsonRussell.

EnergyIQ introduces new functionality and enhancements to its IQlifecycle E&P data management solution. Configurable rules and event monitoring enable workflow automation atop the Trusted Data Manager core.

Entero has extended its Entero ONE flagship with ‘accurate and auditable’ contract management and risking workflows.

GeologixGEOSuite v7.6 release includes pore pressure and fracture gradient monitoring while drilling.

IFPen has announced ‘FraC,’ a discrete fracture network modeler for oil and gas, CCS and geothermal applications. FraC interfaces with open source tools such as Dumux and CAST3M to solve complex advection-dispersion problems.

INT GeoToolkit.JS 2.5 adds a new widgets for subsurface correlation and long offset well schematics.

MVE Move 2018.1 sees the addition of elliptical fault flow, a new 2D kinematic algorithm that adds a regional tilt option and new capability to create kriged surfaces with a user-defined outer extent.

NIST’s mobile ‘Dual-Comb’ device is claimed to enhance methane leak detection. The spectrometer uses a laser to detect trace gases and leak locations, leveraging ‘Nobel Prize-winning technology.’

Opto 22’s Groov/Epic is described as the ‘world’s first edge programmable industrial control system.’ The Linux-based controller offers a device-independent HMI, Node-Red and Ignition Edge for OPC-UA drivers and MQTT/Sparkplug communications.

Release 2.0 of P2 Energy SolutionsQbyte Financial Management sees a refreshed GUI, new search functionality and a more consistent business taxonomy.

Red Hat Consulting has developed a mobile app for tracking performance of electric submersible pumps. The app leverages the Red Hat mobile application platform and OpenShift0914 container.

Sunrise Systems has added network templates to the 1.9.0 Pipenet release.

The 18.1 release of Rock Flow DynamicstNavigator adds support for Nvidia Volta GPU accelerators.

Yokogawa’s new Device Lifecycle Management is an IIoT, cloud-based service for the management of plant asset information.

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