Seismics in-the-cloud

Tape Ark demos direct-to-cloud acquisition at PPDM event. Osokey’s cloud-native seismic platform.

At the recent PPDM Houston data management conference, Guy Holmes demonstrated Perth, Australia-based startup Tape Ark’s cloud-based ‘Open petroleum data lake.’ OPDL combines PPDM-based metadata management from Petrosys, interpretation functionality from DUG and an Amazon Web Services repository. Data acquired by a Seismic Source crew operating in Oklahoma streamed into the Amazon S3 archive in real time.

The OPDL also offers Amazon Glacier lower cost, long term storage and the ‘Snowball’ couriered disk service for really big data transfers to the cloud. Seismic processing is available using the Amazon EC2 compute environment on ‘massive arrays of CPU’s.’ Data ‘never needs to be written to tape or touch an oil company’s internal resources.’ Tape Ark is currently offering a free service to transfer a company’s seismic archive into the OPDL.

Another seismic-in-the-cloud offering is now available from UK-based Osokey which has announced the Osokey Stream, a cloud-native seismic platform running too on AWS. Osokey Stream provides automated ingestion and encryption of SEG-Y data and pre and post stack access from a web browser. The solution supports real-time global collaboration, on-the-fly attribute generation and ‘AI-based’ storage optimization.

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