Geosoft survey’s geo-data managers

2017 survey finds geo-data search a weak spot. Buy not build best. Cloud OK for half.

Geosoft’s 2017 survey of 1,400 geoscience data managers in a thousand companies provides food for thought for upstream data managers. Of the key challenges facing geodata managers, the need for an ‘integrated search tool’ comes out top. ‘Support for big data’ ranked lowest across all industries including energy. Time spent on managing geo data is down from the early days when some startling numbers were routinely cited. Still, 36% of respondents spend at least 30% of their time on data management tasks (some may be time well spent!)

64% of respondents were confident in their data, again across all industries roles. Two challenges arise in collaborating with outside consultants and contractors or in joint ventures: ensuring the most current and best quality version of data is used and providing this in a timely manner in a usable format.

The preferred route to data success remains the purchase of a commercial solution in-house development. About half of respondents were ready to entertain a cloud-based geoscience data management solution.

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