Worth a mention...

NIST/blockchain. MIT/tight oil economics. Tendeka/wireless completion. Total’s PoF. Ipcos P&ID.

NIST, the US National Institute of Standards has released a very informative draft Blockchain Technology Overview (Nistir8202).

A new MIT study investigates the factors that determine the breakeven points of tight oil production.

Speaking at a recent Credit Suisse gathering, CEO Patrick Schorn provided a bit more (bit not a whole lot more) information on Schlumberger’s ‘cognitive’ E&P environment, Delfi.

Tendeka reports successful field trials of its cloud-connected wireless intelligent completion system.

Total has released a rather lyrical imagining of the Plant of the Future where, ‘digital is ubiquitous, including 3D printing, drones, sensors and big data. Yet people remain the heart and soul of the new plant. Multidisciplinary, connected people interact easily with one another and with the outside world. The plant of the future is responsible, efficient and sustainable.’ Checkout the PoF video here. The PoF is seemingly, ‘already on the drawing board.’

IPCOS has just published a white paper explaining its philosophy of tuning interacting PID loops, heralding ‘the end of the era of trial and error.’

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