Bahwan CyberTek, ‘Geo-data-fy yoursubsurface’

Lucene/Solr search and OpenSpirit-derived connectivity underpin new data management solution.

Muscat, Oman-headquartered Bahwan CyberTek (BCT) has rolled out ‘Geodatafy*,’ a database management solution for subsurface data. Geodatafy uses a web GUI and a flexible Lucene/Solr search engine to find structured and unstructured data across the enterprise. Selected data can be viewed or exported to other geoscience and engineering applications. David Barnett, one-time technical architect upstream with BP, is Geodatafy product manager and technical architect.

Barnett explained the rationale behind Geodatafy thus, ‘For years, organizations have been dealing with locked down proprietary data sources making it very hard to extract to the full potential from their data. Digitalization and transformation programs attempt to get to grips with what is a huge issue for many. A drive to get technical applications and data into the cloud has spawned great thinking and open mindedness on what was once seen as ‘too difficult’ or ‘too specialized.’ Geodatafy facilitates organizing these disparate data sources and provides a perfect integration platform for all things Oil & Gas.’ BCT Oil and Gas is a division of BCT’s software, services and consulting business. BCT CTO is Clay Harter formerly with Tibco/OpenSpirit.

* a verbification of geo-data!

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