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BSI knowledge management standard. Dexpi teams with Cfihos. IOGP’s guidance on vertical data in oil and gas. New OMG cloud standard out. PODS clarifies terminology. PPDM surveys standards.

BSI/ISO have released a draft Knowledge management systems standard, ISO/DIS 30401.

Dexpi, the P&ID data standards initiative and Cfihos, capital facilities information handover spec have announced future ‘intense cooperation’ on alignment of their respective standards.

The IOGP has published Geomatics Guidance Note 24, a 30 page instruction manual for the use of vertical data in oil and gas applications.

The OMG’s Cloud standards customer council has published V2.0 of its guide to interoperability and portability for cloud computing. The release reflects the new ISO/IEC 19941 CCIP standard and addresses the issues of containers and automation.

PODS, the Pipeline Open Data Standards organization has published a short note to clarify terminology used across its Next Gen, Lite and V7.0 releases and their relationship with the Esri APR model.

PPDM is collecting information about how industry feels about standards. Visit the PPDM survey here.

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