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Katalyst, Librestream, Sintef, LMKR, P2ES, Petrolink, Petrosys, Blue Marble, Rock Flow Dynamics, SharpReflections, WellSim, Honeywell, Arundo, Machfu, Intertek.

Katalyst has announced a new well file and log scanning ‘paper to digits’ service.

Librestream has announced the Onsight Cube an industrial Ex-rated wearable device for inspecting, diagnosing and troubleshooting complex assets.

The 2017b release of Sintef’s Matlab Reservoir Simulation Toolbox (MRST) includes better documentation, speed improvements and new modules. Also new is support for the open source Matlab clone Octave, allowing most of the solvers to run without Matlab.

LMKR has launched Gverse Go, a pay per use subscription program for access to the GeoGraphix and Gverse suites.

The 2018.1 release of MVE Move includes elliptical fault flow, a new 2D kinematic algorithm that models complex deformation of isolated normal faults.

P2ESQbyte FM 2.0 adds support for multiple monitors, context sensitive links to documentation and pervasive drill-down and export to Excel.

Petrolink’s new PetroVue Mobile can be downloaded from the App Store and from Google Play. The app connecting to Petrolink’s Witsml store and displays time and depth-based data for active wells.

Petrosys PRO 2017.1.2 introduces map templates to speed map creation by allowing a corporate standard set of map styles to be maintained. The new PRO release adds drag and drop integration with Landmark’s DecisionSpace Geoscience suite to display OpenWorks data in the Petrosys canvas.

Blue Marble GeoCalc SDK 7.4 adds support for several new projections and JSON wrapper classes for interacting with the GeoCalc cloud web service.

Safe Software’s FME 2018 includes bi-directional Hadoop connectivity, web 3D views, mosaics and read/write to Bentley Microstation format. Checkout the (great) FME 2018 minisite.

Rock Flow DynamicstNavigator 17.4 includes coupled geomechanical modeling and an enhanced designer for multiple realizations of a dynamic model.

Ikon Science’s RokDoc 6.5.1 adds a new attrimod module for seismic forward modelling and updates to Ji-Fi’s data trending capability for frontier and sparse data exploration well prediction. The multi-well analysis Python toolkit is now ‘AI and machine learning ready.’

SharpReflectionsPre-Stack Pro V5.0 features a new pre-stack well tie module, for tying synthetic angle gathers or stacks to real seismic at well locations, along with an improved 3D viewer.

A new release of Weatherford’s ForeSite software extends the platform to naturally flowing wells, gas-lift and ESP systems.

WellSim’s HiDrill v3.0 drilling simulator upgrades the BOP accumulator system and stuck pipe functionality.

Honeywell has rolled out Uniformance, its data historian in the cloud, fusing real-time process data analysis with a data lake to integrate production, ERP and other business data and analytic tools.

The Fall 2017 release of Arundo’s industrial analytics solution introduces an Edge Agent for connections to rugged, remote or disconnected environments.

Machfu’s MACH-3 IIoT gateway is a hardware device that connects legacy infrastructure to cloud-based IoT and scada systems.

Intertek has announced a new pipeline quality verification solution, PipeAware.

Siemens has rolled-out Pipelines 4.0, tailored to North American operations.

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