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GE Digital OPM/ServiceMax/Predix Studio/Edge. Hashmap’s Witsml Java SDK. C&C Reservoirs DAKS IQ. Entero One 2017. Librestream Onsight 5000HD. OARS360. PetroVR 2018. Ikon Science RokDoc. Emerson/Roxar Tempest/MORE/Enable and ‘big loop’ workflows.

GE Digital has announced OPM, a new operations performance management solution, an add-on to APM, its asset performance management application. OPM uses real-time and historical data to provides early warning of processes deviation. OPM initially targets the mining industry with expansion to other verticals next year. Upgrades to ServiceMax, include artificial intelligence-derived recommendations for service intervals, leveraging Apache Spark. GE Digital also introduced Predix Studio to help companies build their own applications. GE has expanded its Predix Edge capability to run analytics ‘as close to the source of data as possible.’ GE also announced Predix availability on the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Chris Herrera (Hashmap) has open-sourced a Java-based Witsml objects library/SDK for working with Witsml and data.

V2.0 of C&C Reservoirs DAKS IQ oilfield analog-based knowledge, reporting and benchmarking platform adds ‘frequency figure search’ to retrieve relevant high-resolution figures from an 30,000-strong image inventory.

Entero One 2017, a ‘unified’ energy trading and risk management system includes enhancements to contract management with automated workflows that ‘pave the way to a paperless environment.’ The new release adds server clustering to separate reporting, processing and real time activity across virtual or physical servers.

Librestream’s Onsight 5000HD rugged smart camera now integrates augmented reality and a new dimensioning capability. When dimensioning is activated, the Onsight Smartcam deploys an onboard laser to estimate distances which can be shared live with remote experts or stored for later review.

V3.0 of OARS360’s hosted Operations management system supports interactive, map-based asset tracking. Satellite imagery gives an overview of operations and current asset status.

PetroVR 2018 targets interoperability and support for unconventionals. The new release can import well data from Aries, provides access to PetroVR results from a web browser and more. Watch the launch video.

The latest release (6.5) of Ikon Science’s RokDoc includes a rock physics module to improving the modelling and prediction of unconventional oil and gas reservoirs. Modeling was developed in collaboration with University of Houston’s Lev Vernik. Read his book Seismic petrophysics in quantitative interpretation. Also new is Attrimod, a multi-2D modelling and attribute package co-developed with a supermajor. Watch the webinar.

Emerson’s Roxar Tempest 8.1 provides new ways of modeling flow in the vicinity of fractures in the MORE reservoir simulation module. Tempest Enable includes upgrades to the Roxar App Connector to Nexus and Petrel. Roxar’s portfolio now provides a complete ‘seismic to simulation’ package running in a ‘big loop’ workflow.

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