Letters to the editor

Pete Stark on late career renaissance. Corrections from Emerson and Paradigm.

From Pete Stark, IHSMarkit

Many thanks for your years of insightful coverage of evolving oil and gas IT. It was a pleasure to share in part of the evolution with you. As my 82nd birthday approaches it feels like a good time to hang ’em up. The IT evolution passed me by some time ago but I have enjoyed a late career renaissance that has allowed me to focus on global oil and gas resources and the shale revolution. IHSM is finally implementing my last passionate objective, the integration of well and production data with correlated tops (ProdFit) in the Permian Basin. Borehole data for all 430,000 wells in the basin are now tied to a stratigraphic framework across the producing benches. No more wells with blank or spurious information. IHSM has also packaged ProdFit data within Kingdom. Based on mass balance analyses, IHSM estimates 60 to 70 billion barrels of remaining recoverable oil resources in the Permian basin. This is not classic IT, Neil, but the impacts of this data integration effort on established industry IT capabilities are huge. Work is under way in the Anadarko and other basins.


From Stian Engebretsen, Emerson

A small comment on the last issue of Oil IT Journal. In the article, ‘Paradigm sold,’ you say, ‘Coverage is now pretty complete with the possible exception of fluid flow modeling.’ Emerson Roxar Mette is a multiphase flow simulator capable of big complex network simulation, typical well and flow line performance calculations, virtual metering and also transient calculations*.


From Samhita Shah, Paradigm

Thank you for the coverage of Paradigm/k but this sentence is inaccurate, ‘The science underlying Paradigm/k was largely developed by ex-Schlumberger CTO Michael Thambynayagam.’ Michael did not develop the solution and he was not Schlumberger’s CTO.

* We also forgot about Roxar’s Tempest (see p.5). Apologies to all.

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