SEG technical standards committee

SEG-Y R2 take-up in Norway and Saudi Aramco. Sample implementations under development. Energistics contemplates shift from XML to JSON. Encapsulation/encryption back on the agenda.

At the SEG Standards committee meeting, held concurrently with the Houston SEG, the chair role passed from Jill Lewis to Victor Ancira (both with Troika). BHP Billiton’s Shawn is the new vice chair. SEG-Y Rev 2 has seen take-up, notably in Norway (now recommended in the Yellow Book, as is SEG-D Rev 3) and at Saudi Aramco. The committee is to put sample implementations on the SEG website. An upcoming revision to the SPS navigation data format will be based on the IOGP’s P1/11 formats with extra fields to improve handshake with SEGD 3.1.

Jay Hollingsworth reported on Energistics standards activity. Witsml, Prodml and Resqml have been updated and leverage common technology. The HDF5 format is used for binary data. While Resqml handles horizons and grids, in general, Energistics stays clear of positioning and binning formats and so does not cross over with P6/11. Energistics is now contemplating a shift from XML to JSON following a push from industry.

Tom Owen provided an update from the IOGP whose P1/11 and P2/11 were recently updated to V1.1. The P6/11 bin grid exchange format is now completed and user guides are being developed.

Finally the committee has been asked to look into a new format that can handle encapsulation and encryption, possibly with a move to a more modern approach that would be ‘more AI and computer-friendly.’ Current practice involves reformatting into a format that is more amenable to parallel processing.

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