Artificial intelligence and the oil check

Why ‘predict’ when you can measure? Spectro’s MicroLab claims best of both worlds.

Much AI hype turns on the use of big data in equipment maintenance. So it’s interesting to hear from Spectro Scientific of their specialist hardware and software combination that provides a direct measure of rotating machinery health, using, inter alia, AI.

Spectro Scientific’s MicroLab is an automated engine oil analyzer that provides multiple measurements of chemistry, viscosity and contaminant concentrations. New V11 software adds signal processing methods, automation and artificial intelligence to provide comprehensive results in less than 15 minutes. Detailed oil and machine condition information enables companies to take maintenance actions immediately, minimizing downtime and lowering costs. Onsite oil analysis is said to safely extend the time between oil changes, reducing oil expenditures and helping to achieve green constraints relative to oil disposal.

A new user interface permits input of external data to produce consolidated fluid analysis reports that include several parameters for oil and equipment condition not previously available in the MicroLab test suite. The update includes a new, easy to read report format with improved historical trends.

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