Quorum acquires WellEZ

Cloud-based well analytics extends digital oilfield footprint. myQuorum Design Studio announced.

Houston-based Quorum Software has acquired WellEz, provider of cloud-based well lifecycle analytics. WellEz CEO Charles Jeffery said, ‘Customers can now selectively and logically expand their digital oilfield footprint and benefit from an integrated suite of cloud-based applications including AFE, production, land, and business intelligence.’ WellEz expands Quorum’s product portfolio with well lifecycle reporting, downtime and asset tracking and data-driven wellbore schematics. WellEz reinforces Quorum’s ‘cloud-based, mobile-first’ approach that integrates with clients’ business processes. All of the WellEz team are to join Quorum.

Quorum recently unveiled its myQuorum Design Studio at the Microsoft technology center in Irving, Texas. DS extends Quorum’s ‘persona-based’ platform with a workbench and software development kit. Quorum claims that 80% of processed US natural gas is accounted for by its software. Quorum is a portfolio company of Silver Lake/Kraftwerk.

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