Safety first ...

Fieldbit Heros for BP. ProcessMap for TNT. CSB reports on Torrance. California refinery standards.

BP reports enhanced safety in field service operations following trials of Israeli Fieldbit’s ‘Hero’ augmented reality and knowledge capture solution. Hero lets a remote specialist see what a field technician sees for accurate diagnosis. Instructions can be fed back to the operator via a mobile device or through ODG R7 ‘smart’ glasses.

TNT has deployed ProcessMap’s enterprise data intelligence cloud software for risk, health and safety management. The solution replaces multiple manual, disparate systems and consolidates safety data in real-time.

The US Chemical safety board has released its final report and video investigation of the 2015 explosion at ExxonMobil’s refinery in Torrance, California. While there were no fatalities, the blast caused serious damage to the refinery which ran at limited capacity for over a year, raising gas prices in California and ‘costing drivers in the state an estimated $2.4 billion.’ CSB recommended the operator deploy a ‘more robust process safety management system’ and concluded that the unit was operating ‘without proper procedures.’

Title 8/section 5189.1 from the California occupational safety and health standards board strengthens workplace safety and health at oil refineries with a framework for ‘anticipating, preventing and responding to hazards at refineries.’

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