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Coreworx Express, GE blockchain-as-a-service, Naveego DQS, Tracts, EcoSys V8.0, Probe iQ, Spectraseis, Devon, ExproSoft WellMaster IMS, Frogtech Geoscience Terraflux, NSI Technologies StimPlan, Wireless Seismic RT3.

Coreworx has released a low cost, cloud-based ‘Express’ version of its eponymous change management for engineering solution. Coreworx CM Express lets project participants manage the change order process and includes templates ‘used by thousands of capital projects around the world.’ In a similar vein, Coreworx has rolled out Coreworx RFI for collaborative management of engineering project requests for information.

GE has announced blockchain-as-a-service, a new component of its Predix big data/IoT platform. The service combines peer-to-peer communication, cryptography and ‘game theory.’

Naveego has released a new version of DQS, its cloud-based data quality and master data management solution. New features include cross-system data comparison, a data health dashboard and ‘big data technology.’

Tracts automates oil and gas title reporting with ‘patent-pending’ technology. Tracts is backed by VC Houston Ventures.

The V 8.0 release of EcoSys sees the integration of the stand-alone Portfolios and Contracts solutions with the flagship EcoSys Projects.

Probe iQ is a multi-purpose well inspection tool that measures casing thickness and inner diameter and analyses casing material properties.

ESG SolutionsSpectraseis’ surface microseismic array provides direct location of proppant placement during fracking. The solution was featured in a joint presentation with Devon at the 2017 SEG.

ExproSoft has added reporting and trend analysis of preventative maintenance activity to its WellMaster IMS flagship.

Australian Frogtech Geoscience has released Terraflux, a tool for the evaluation of regional heat flow in petroleum system modelling. Terraflux leverages Frogtech’s Seebase studies of the Gulf of Mexico, South China Sea, the North Sea and elsewhere.

V8 of NSI TechnologiesStimPlan fracking software is a ‘complete rewrite’ that has increased stability and improved processing time. New features include stress ‘shadowing’ between fractures, batch processing for sensitivity studies and export of fracture networks to a reservoir simulator.

Wireless Seismic has rolled out RT3, an ultra-high channel count onshore seismic recording system. RT3 supports interactive management of a 250,000 plus channel recording spread in real time.

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