SHAARCs in the cloud

Seismic harmonic analysis and reflectivity toolset now pay-as-you-go service.

Pays International has ported Shaarc, its seismic harmonic analysis and reflectivity computation toolset to the cloud. The Pays GeoCloud brings ‘pay-as-you-go’ to geophysical processing, spanning 3D visualization, interpretation, sparse spike inversion, attribute classification ‘and more.’

Pays sees software as a service as the future of commercial geophysical software services. ‘Gone are the days of expensive workstations and geo-software licenses. GeoCloud needs nothing more than a basic computer and internet connection, yet this offers no compromise in performance.’

Pays offers potential clients a free, four week pilot study. Latterly this includes a ‘seismic health check’ prior to the fault analysis, inversion and attribute analysis workflow. The health check pinpoints commonly defects in seismic data such as residual multiples, non-flat gathers and poor AVO integrity.

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