Collaboration to ‘converge process and operational thinking'

Baker Hughes/GE, Yokogawa/KBC team on preferred partnership for the digital twin.

Baker Hughes, now a GE Company, has signed with KBC, a Yokogawa unit to ‘combine’ KBC’s Petro-SIM package with BHGE’s digital twin simulation software. The ‘preferred partnership’ leverages GE’s Predix industrial internet platform, extending KBC’s Petro-SIM process simulation modeler upstream, providing end-to-end optimization and connectivity across ‘assets, people and business processes.’

BHGE chief digital officer Matthias Heilmann said, ‘This partnership showcases our commitment to break down data silos and converge process and operational thinking. Customers can build a digital twin of a plant, refinery or rig, that incorporates end-to-end process and operational analytics and machine learning. Petro-SIM adds simulation technology to our portfolio and heralds a new era of operational improvement.’

Petro-SIM already provides a cloud/IIoT data-as-a-service solution which begs the question, which ‘cloud platform’ will predominate in the expanding digital twin space. Is Petro-SIM running on Cloud Foundry? We did ask, but no answer so far.

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