Teradata for refiner Andeavor

Excellent results from Teradata Analytics Platform. ConocoPhillips on SAP integration at Eagle Ford.

San Antonio-headquartered Andeavor (formerly Tesoro) is to report ‘excellent results’ from the deployment of the Teradata Analytic Platform at its Western Refining unit at the upcoming Teradata Partners Conference. Andeavor’s ten refineries have a combined capacity of 1.2 million barrels per day in 18 states. The Teradata system has accelerated information processing, saving ‘millions of dollars a year.’ Presenter David Brand said, ‘Our analytics platform gives us an integrated, holistic view of the business and allows users to see sales and customer activity across three systems as one in near-real time. This is exactly the kind of business outcome we had hoped that analytics technology would enable. We started with one project and we now have over 30 projects that have been integrated on the Teradata platform.’ Today, Teradata gives decision-makers critical business reports in near real time. Inventories can be tallied accurately and the company’s credit line adjusted appropriately. Now Andeavor is upgrading the system using sensor data for machine learning and predictive analytics.

In another presentation, Gisle Karlsen is to show how ConocoPhillips has integrated Teradata and SAP to provide a ‘deeper understanding of the production characteristics of their Eagle Ford operational assets.’ The system combines production and operational data in an analytics environment that connects engineering components with an integrated dataset.

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