Cloud-based production management solution rolled-out at San Antonio SPE ATCE.

At the 2017 SPE ATCE in San Antonio, Paradigm announced ‘Paradigm K’ (for permeability*) a new cloud-based production management solution. K is said to provide ‘unprecedented speed’ and a holistic view of physical and virtual measurements, built on reservoir physics-based predictive analytics. The science underlying K was largely developed by ex-Schlumberger CTO Michael Thambynayagam. More on K next month in our interview with Paradigm’s Indy Chakrabarti.

Also, in a joint ATCE presentation with Dassault Systèmes, Paradigm described a novel way to optimized grids for accurate representations of geology in geo-mechanical simulations. The ‘3D hybrid grid’ allows for a combination of hexahedral and tetragonal cells that adapt to various complex geometries. The hybrid gridding is said to lead to more accurate fluid flow modeling around wells, faults and fractures.

* K is a universal symbol for permeability. But why K? A quick spin through the 600 plus pages of Henry Darcy’s original work, ‘Les fontaines de la Ville de Dijon’ leads us to believe that it might be  because, in French, K is phonetically closest to the ‘c’ of coefficient. Another theory is that K relates back to Darcy’s teacher Joseph Fourier’s use of K as a constant for heat flow, from the Greek καύσωνας. Other ideas to please.

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