NDR 2017, Stavanger

National Data Repositories 2017. NPD on Diskos and open data. North Sea Data Management Forum. Africa Petroleum Data Management Forum. CDA on E&P DM-BOK and training program. Alberta’s International Centre of Regulatory Excellence.

Some 165 delegates from 30 countries met earlier this year for National Data Repository 2017 (NDR) in Stavanger, Norway under the auspices of Energistics and the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate. NPD director Bente Nyland underlined the benefits that data access (through Diskos) has brought to Norway’s oil and gas industry. ‘Companies compete on the use of the data, not by limiting access to it. This open data policy gives us a competitive advantage in attracting global investment.’

Other conference sessions underlined the benefits of standards including software interoperability, lower cost of reporting, and access to high value data, ‘even decades later.’ However, delegates at the concurrent ‘science and analytics workshop,’ expressed frustration that so little subsurface oil and gas data is ‘analytics-ready.’ Much E&P data is stored as scanned images or in inconsistent legacy formats that are hard or impossible to access. The 2012 NDR Data Quality Project is approaching conclusion with three ‘substantial’ documents to be published by Energistics covering the business case for data quality, the core concepts of data quality, business rules and metrics and implementation guidance.

Other presentations included an update on the North Sea Data Management Forum which has seen a memorandum of understanding between countries to agree an annual program of work, ‘making the North Sea a simpler, and more cost-effective place to work.’ In a similar vein, the Africa Petroleum Data Management Forum has been established with help from Norway’s Oil for Development program.

Delegates expressed enthusiasm for CDA’s proposal for a published ‘body of knowledge’ for oil and gas data to include know-how and best practices for professional data managers. On the training front, CDA reported on the data management educational programs in the UK and the Alberta Energy Regulator announced the creation of ICore, the International Centre of Regulatory Excellence, a joint venture with Mexico, to offer broad based training to future energy regulators.

Thanks to Energistics for help with this report.

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