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Ansys Discovery Live, Baker Hughes Circa, CMG CoFlow, ESI Pipeline Manager 4.3, Enertia FDC, Entero Mosaic 2017, ETL on AWS, FracMan 6.7, INT GeoToolkit, GreaseBook ‘Summer 17,’ Sony/IBM tape record, IHS Kingdom 2017, Petrosys PRO, Exprosoft Wellmaster IMS.

Ansys new Discovery Live technology leverages Nvidia GPUs to provide internet of things developers and engineers with real time interactive visualization of design changes.

GE unit Baker Hughes has rolled-out Circa, an application to simulate coiled tubing operations. The software validates theoretical models against data from the field. Applications include tubing force analysis, wellbore hydraulics, solids transport modeling and real-time job optimization from inside the control cab.

CMG and partner Shell are seeking customers for trial modelling with CoFlow, an integrated asset modelling solution spanning reservoir and production networks.

Energy SolutionsPipelineManager 4.3 now includes support for RuptureSentinel, a separately-licensed tool that provides ‘robust’ detection of ruptures and large leaks. An OPC DA mirror server adds new, customizable connectivity options.

Enertia Software has released an iPad version of FDC, its field data collection package. An Android version is to follow.

Entero Mosaic V2017 targets forecasting unconventional resource play production and reserves. The software covers reserves management, budget and planning, capital management, decline analysis, and petroleum economics. New features include extended volume and cost streams for production, injection and primary and secondary products and ratios along with advanced sensitivity analysis.

ETL SolutionsDataHub data integration service now connects to Amazon Web Services (AWS), enabling client data to be processed in the cloud. The connection leverages Amazon’s S3 cloud storage and RedShift database.

FracMan 7.6 introduces new tools for geomechanics, geostatistics and geophysical data integration. Windows 10 is now also supported.

INT has released GeoToolkit.JS 2.4 with multi-well correlation, improved performance for large datasets and better data sharing and printing. INT has also launched its Developer Community.

The ‘Summer 17’ release of GreaseBook’s eponymous app now runs natively on Android, providing pumpers with on-site access historical commentary, production graphs, and well history.

Researchers from Sony and IBM Research have demonstrated magnetic tape storage technology with an areal recording density of 201Gb/inē. When commercially available, the technology will provide 330TB/tape cartridge. Today’s tapes hold a meagre 15TB.

IHS Kingdom 2017 includes a new well query dialog, a new frac treatment module and a connector to IHS Markit data.

Along with the name change to Petrosys ‘PRO,’ the 2017.1 release includes new map templates, DecisionSpace Geoscience integration and improved surface modeling. A module originally developed for Origin Energy improves drilling data collection with version control and approval workflows.

Exprosoft WellMaster IMS adds flexible reporting and trend analysis for preventative maintenance and compliance reporting. A graphical interface flags overdue reporting, prioritizes behind-schedule wells.

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