Toys for the mobile workforce

New solutions from Emerson and Parsable connect workers to the internet of things.

Emerson’s AMS Trex device communicator connects asset management experts with field devices. Previously, information on changes in the field was often incomplete, inaccurate, or delayed. Now, these changes are automatically synchronized to the facility’s device manager database, logging and timestamping changes as they occur.

Changes to a ‘stranded’ (non connected) device are cached locally on the communicator and uploaded when the handheld reconnects. AMS Trex is a component of Emerson’s ‘always mobile’ portfolio, itself part of the Plantweb digital ecosystem. Visit the interactive demo.

Parsable reports a successful deployment of its ‘Industry 4.0’ connected worker platform at a Unilever plant. Parsable’s SaaS platform transforms paper-based procedures into digital business processes, reducing downtime and providing real-time collaboration and communications. Parsable claims to ‘allow humans to provide the same continuous signal as IoT devices.’ At Unilever, the deployment has added some 30,000 new data points daily and brought a 50% decrease in startup, shutdown, and changeover times. The plant is now 85% paperless after only four months of operations. San Francisco-headquartered Parsable’s clients include Schlumberger, Scientific Drilling and TechnipFMC.

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