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Industrial Internet/Edge Computing consortia to partner. IOGP SSDM V2/P6/11 V1.1. Energistics/BP release RESQML introductory video. CFA Institute backs SEC’s switch to Inline XBRL. NISO’ reports on 'Issues in vocabulary management.'

The Industrial Internet Consortium and the Edge Computing Consortium have signed a memorandum of understanding to partner on the advancement of the industrial internet and edge computing. The organizations are to cooperate to maximize interoperability and portability of the industrial internet by sharing best practices, test beds and R&D.

The IOGP has released V2.0 of its seabed survey data model (SSDM) with notably, a UML model in Enterprise Architect for both ArcGIS implementation and GML encoding. SSDM V2 also now complies with the EPSG coordinate reference system schema and central reference for units of measure. The IOGP has also released version 1.1 of the P6/11 seismic bin grid data exchange format.

Energistics has put a video of an introduction to its RESQML reservoir data exchange standard online. Guest presenter, BP’s Lisa Towery, describes RESQML from an operator’s perspective, how it addresses challenges such as data and knowledge loss, inflexible workflows, uncertainty and non-productive time. More webinars from Energistics here.

The CFA Institute has insisted that the US SEC’s proposed switch to Inline XBRL be maintained, coming out strongly against the possibility that smaller companies might be exempted.

The US National Information Standards Organization (NISO) has issued a draft Technical Report, Issues in Vocabulary Management. Although its primary focus is bibliography, the report addresses interoperability in the linked open data environment.

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