Schneider Electric/APC’s local edge configurator

LEC validates remote IT deployment architectures.

Schneider Electric’s APC unit has introduced a Local Edge Configurator (LEC) for designing ‘edge’ internet of things (IoT) solutions.

The LEC enables users to design a comprehensive, validated edge architecture, including rack, uninterruptible power supply, security, power distribution and software, for plug-and-play field deployment. A Schneider rep told Oil IT Journal, ‘The LEC is relevant to any industry that deploys a distributed IT infrastructure. In the oil and gas vertical, this could be any IT room in the office or oilfield, anywhere an IT stack processes sensor data.’

The LEC includes an automatically updated library of APC’s infrastructure solutions along with leading storage, networking, converged and hyper-converged systems from Cisco, Nutanix, Dell EMC and others.

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