Blue/Red clouds

Schlumberger’s ‘Delfi’ cognitive E&P compute environment trials in the Google cloud. Halliburton signs with Microsoft to leverage Azure’s ‘hyperscale, hybrid and global platform.'

At its annual user group meeting in Paris, Schlumberger announced ‘Delfi’ a ‘secure, cloud-based, cognitive*’ E&P environment. Delfi combines domain expertise and digital technologies to enable a ‘new approach’ to planning and operating E&P assets.

First Delfi application out of the starting blocks is DrillPlan, a well planning solution spanning project management, construction and design validation. DrillPlan was developed for North American shale operations where it has been used to generate ‘hundreds of well plans’ in a year-long trial. DrillPlan will be available across North America land operations from Q4 2017, with global roll-out in 2018.

Schlumberger’s EVP technology Ashok Belani said, ‘With the launch of Delfi, we deployed an E&P data lake on the Google Cloud with over a thousand 3D seismic surveys, 5 million wells, a million well logs and 400 million production records from around the world, demonstrating a step change in scalability and performance.’

The scalable Google high performance computing (HPC) cloud has also been used in a seismic depth imaging context where Schlumberger has processed a 100,000 km. sq. high resolution/wide/full azimuth Gulf of Mexico survey using reverse time migration and full waveform inversion.

Other Schlumberger applications, including Petrel, will leverage Delfi’s cognitive smarts ‘real soon now.’

Meanwhile, on the other side of the blue/red divide, Halliburton has announced its move into the cloud in a joint venture with Microsoft. Microsoft Azure VP Jason Zander spoke of ‘intelligent solutions that will drive the next generation of oil and gas exploration and production, leveraging Azure’s hyperscale, hybrid and global cloud platform technologies.’

The offering includes machine learning, augmented reality, internet of things and HPC. Uses cases include deep learning for reservoir characterization, modeling and simulation, mixed reality and more.

First app in the Azure cloud is DecisionSpace365 that now pipes real-time data from IoT edge devices into deep-learning models and predictive analytics.

Other components of the alliance include voice and image recognition, video processing and digital twins for inspection with Microsoft’s HoloLens and Surface devices. Oil wells and pumps ‘at the edge’ will connect through the Landmark Field Appliance into the Azure stack. Azure is also Halliburton’s preferred public cloud provider for iEnergy.

* According to Wikipedia, ‘There is no widely agreed definition for cognitive computing in either academia or industry. It is most frequently used as marketing jargon.’

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