Implico rolls-out OpenTAS at Gunvor Ingolstadt refinery

Tank truck filling continues as new terminal management system is paged-in.

Software and consulting company Implico has deployed its OpenTAS terminal automation solution at Gunvor’s refinery in Ingolstadt, Germany. The upgrade was performed as the refinery continues in normal operations. One by one, Implico decoupled each loading bay from the legacy system, upgraded the hardware and field equipment (with help from Actenium) before putting the bay back on stream. Implico also set up development and acceptance testing systems during the migration period. This allowed the software company’s developers to test the nuts and bolts of the new functions beforehand and verify compatibility of hardware and software.

Implico’s Volkmar said, ‘We also took the opportunity to replace the old data interfaces. Gunvor now uses a new XML format for data exchange which will improve data communications in the long run.’ OpenTAS’ provides manufacturer-independent communication with DCS/PLC systems. OpenTAS leverages FLEXX, an EU XML-based standard for downstream oil data exchange that is aligned with PIDX’ petroleum industry e-commerce protocol.

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