ThinAnywhere, ‘we're back!’

Ten year exclusive deal with Schlumberger expires. Remote visualization now selling direct.

We have not heard much from Houston-based Mercury International Technology’s (MIT!) since the October 2007 deal which gave Schlumberger exclusive rights to its remote visualization technology, ThinAnywhere. Last year, MIT renegotiated the deal. The exclusivity clause has gone and MIT can now sell ThinAnywhere direct again.

To entice users back into the fold, MIT has rolled out a new release of TA with functionality which will be exclusive to those who sign a new maintenance agreement. Customers who have service agreements with third parties (notably Schlumberger) will not benefit from the new goodies. These include RHEL 7 support, new compression that doubles graphics performance, mobile licenses and support for Java 3D OGL as used in Landmark’s latest release. For Windows, TA now includes the above new features plus a new Windows 10 client edition. More from MIT.

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