Jaspersoft for IDS DataNet

Blog posting traces reporting software’s evolution from Flash to Tibco’s HTML5-based solution.

In a recent blog, Colin Dawson reports on IDS’ use of TIBCO Jaspersoft as an ‘embeddable’ reporting, visualization and query engine for use in its drilling reporting solution IDS DataNet. DataNet has, to date, reported on over 150,000 drilling operations on nearly 500 rigs worldwide.

An early version of DataNet was built on Flash. When this was deprecated a few years ago, IDS carried out a ‘lengthy investigation’ into embeddable technologies before deciding on Tibco’s Jaspersoft with its HTML5-based visualization and multi-tenancy. JasperReports was an additional bonus, speeding DataNet report generation tenfold.

IDS is now recreating legacy reports in Jaspersoft Studio and creating custom visualization widgets for wellbore schematics, histograms and more such that customers can run DataNet visualizations on their own data. IDS sees the DataNet as helping operators automate manual work by, for example, moving from Microsoft Excel to web-delivered data management.

Tibco also reports use of Jaspersoft in GE’s Software & Analytics offering although it is not so clear that this is still leveraged in Predix.

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