Flutura & JAG

Retired C-level execs (including former ConocoPhillips chairman Archie Dunham), leading VCs back Cerebra AI push to oil & gas.

Houston-based Jerry Allen Group (JAG Resources) has partnered with AI-focused startup Flutura to ‘accelerate the revolution’ of artificial intelligence and the industrial internet in oil and gas. The partnership focuses on the use of Flutura’s flagship Cerebra IIoT platform. JAG Resources is a group of retired energy sector leaders who chose to remain active by mentoring start-up companies bringing ‘innovation, disruptive and transformative technologies’ to the energy sector.

JAG advisor Archie Dunham (retired ConocoPhillips chair) said, ‘Competitive advantage in the energy marketplace will go to forward thinking players who invest in artificial intelligence capabilities like Cerebra. In oil and gas, the risk of digital inaction is greater than the risk of failure.’

Cerebra allows advanced diagnostic algorithms for equipment health ‘episode’ detection and provides OEMs with the ability to scale value added offerings across equipment classes. Flutura is backed by ‘leading’ venture capital firms Vertex Ventures of Singapore, Lumis Partners of Connecticut and Silicon Valley’s The Hive. More from Flutura and JAG resources.

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