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OMG and ISO announce (different) blockchain standards! EU Commission’ Internet of Energy. ISO 14224 reliability standard. NIST’s NBDIF big data framework. Energistics’ Resqml 101.

The OMG’s Cloud Standards Customer Council has published a paper defining a standard reference architecture for blockchain applications.

ISO is also in on the act with the announcement of ‘new blockchain international standards in pipeline’ (read ‘in the pipeline!’) The ISO effort is conducted under the auspices of ISO TC 307 with ISO Australia’s Craig Dunn in the chair.

The EU Commission recently held a ‘high-level meeting’ to ‘leverage interoperability to create the internet of energy.’ The IoE is to build on ETSI/Saref, the smart appliances reference ontology and OneM2M, ‘the global initiative for IoT standardization.’

A recent meeting of NEN, a Dutch standards body, co-hosted with Shell heard from the ISO ISO/TC 67/WG 4 work group for reliability and cost-related standards in the petroleum and other industries. The group presented a revised ISO 14224 standard for reliability and maintenance data and a new ISO 19008 cost coding standard.

The US NIST held its second Big data public workshop last month to promote NBDIF, a ‘vendor-neutral, consensus-based, technology-independent’ big data interoperability framework. That should be easy enough!

Energistics has put its recent webinar providing a 101 introduction to the Resqml reservoir data interoperability standard online. The presentation was made jointly by Energistics COO Jana Schey and BP’s Lisa Towery. Energistics also recently published a case study of ‘lean, automated reporting powered by Witsml,’ co-authored with IDS.

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