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A presentation by Todd Buehlman at the recent FME International User Conference heard how Logic Solutions Group uses FME to automate loads and enrich data for oil and gas clients, notably BP’s Lower 48 Onshore unit where ‘cumbersome’ IHS and Drillinginfo data has been QC’d and loaded into Esri Geodatabases.

Norwegian drilling contractor Songa Offshore has implemented the IFS IoT business connector to make internet of things data captured across its oil rigs accessible from its IFS Applications suite.

France-headquartered Anticip has won a three-year contract to provide its Tracking EyeDefend geolocalization services to Luloil’s operations in Irak. Anticip was founded by former members of France’s GIGN, an elite tactical gendarmerie unit.

C&J Energy Services has deployed MiX Telematics’ fleet management solutions for over 3500 vehicles drilling support vehicles. MiX Fleet Manager is ‘ELD-ready’ and supports FMCSA requirements.

Saudi Aramco has renewed its contract for CoreworxInterface Management for an extra five years. Coreworx has been used on $60 billion worth of projects in the Kingdom since 2011 including oil and gas, infrastructure and new city builds.

Norway’s EPIM joint industry body organization has awarded the contract for its EPIM ID identity and authentication service to ATEA. EPIM ID will provide accounts management and authentication services and ensure secure internet access to EPIMs applications.

Gazprom Neft has signed a five-year technology cooperation agreement with Weatherford to ‘further develop current business relationships and collaboration between the companies.’

The Geological Society of London’s new website for its Lyell Collection of journals and books was developed atop HighWire PressJCore platform.

IT Vizion’s Operational Excellence solution is now available on the OSIsoft Marketplace. Vizion OE extends PI System infrastructure and system of record by analyzing PI System data and reporting operational bad actors.

Katalyst Data Management has signed its first major well data (i.e. non seismic) iGlass project, a ‘paper to digits’ initiative to scan and classify well files from some 20,000 US Lower 48 wells.

OGA, the UK regulator has awarded CGG GeoConsulting a contract to supply it with digital well products. These are used internally by OGA and will be released to the public domain via the OGA’s website to be used freely by E&P companies looking for new prospects on the UKCS. CGG has also extended its contract for PTT E&P’s dedicated processing center for an extra three years.

PGS has extended its seismic trace management service agreement with OvationData out to 2023. The deal covers cloud data storage and management of PGS’ global seismic library. OvationData also provides remastering of legacy data to modern high-density media.

Seeq has added connectivity to Inductive Automation’s ‘Ignition’ scada system, allowing users of Seeq Workbench to ‘wrangle’ process data into insights, improved asset availability, product quality and process efficiency.

Stress Engineering Services has teamed up with DeepMar Consulting to expand its existing upstream service offerings. The integrated team will provide analysis, testing, materials, real-time health monitoring, predictive forecasting, efficient work flow processes and operational guidance.

Total has kicked of round 2 of its ‘Plant 4.0’ start-up incubator program, designed to accelerate use of digital technology in industry. The call is out for innovative solutions in leak detection, corrosion monitoring, non-invasive flow measurement and valve position displays.

PI System integrator Capula is to provide support and expertise for TrendMiner users in the United Kingdom and Ireland

Wood Group has teamed with Librestream on ‘eXpert’ a remote collaboration video link for oil and gas.

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