Lux scrapes knowledge from SPE’s OnePetro resource

Graph analysis of co-authored papers shows collaboration of service companies and operators.

Boston headquartered Lux Research has repurposed the Society of Petroleum Engineers’ OnePetro document portal to identify key ‘data points’ hidden the 23,000 oil and gas research papers, and to reveal top industry trends. The report, ‘Making use of metadata: analysis of over 20,000 oil and gas technical papers*,’ is said to have ‘identified the research focus and partnering approach of the most innovative oil and gas companies.’

A network map of co-authored papers shows how collaboration between service companies and operators has evolved. Schlumberger, which published the most papers, led with six connections in 2012, and maintained its lead while growing to 14 connections in 2016.

For another under-the-radar use of OnePetro re-read our 2016 editorial on the history of AI in oil and gas.

* Lux’s Ryan Dolen told Oil IT Journal, ‘This wasn’t a joint venture with SPE but they were aware that we were interested in their data. We did not have access to the actual papers themselves, only the publicly available information on their website.’

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