Data management matchup - miners vs. upstream

Datum360 blogger opines that oil and gas leads the field in data management.

Conventional wisdom has it that oil and gas is a laggard when it comes to, well, anything that the ‘wise’ party is selling. Upstream data managers will be pleased to learn that, according to Peter Natham, oil, gas and process engineers have put a lot more thought into data management than the miners. Natham is well-placed to compare the two verticals having moved across from mining to oil, gas and process data specialist Datum360.

Consistency in data capture requires a data standard. For engineers, this means using the concept of a ‘class.’ (Assiduous readers will recognize that we are in engineering and construction rather than geosciences!) The class concept is said to be ‘widely accepted’ in the process industries and is now being considered for industry-wide standardization in the context of ‘BIM,’ building information management. Natham wound up with a plug for the Cfihos initiative. The potential for the mining sector is that all borehole data could be described in a class library and shared across different stakeholders. Moreover, ‘without the class approach, there is no mechanism to instantaneously gauge the completeness of a dataset.’

Comment – if the RDL is a recommended practice for mining boreholes, it is curious that it has not seen much take-up in oil and gas drilling!

Read Natham’s blog here.

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