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Troika’s free SEG checkers. Energy Web Foundation. PPDM Compliance for Target. OPC UA .NET stack. C++ coding standard. OGC Geoscience standard. POSC/Caesar ISO15926 pump lifecycle. XBRL Assertion Sets. IFRS pocket guide. ETSI’s SmartM2M IoT reference ontology.

Troika’s free SEG-D_r3.1 and SEG-Y_r2.0 format checkers are to be hosted by Energistics. The source code has been given to Stewart Levin at Stanford.

Stanford, Engie, TEPCO, World Energy Council, and the Rocky Mountain Institute have created the Energy Web Foundation to build a blockchain-based software infrastructure for energy.

Target Energy Solutions has achieved ‘gold’ level compliance with the PPDM Association’s 3.9 upstream data model for its Meera master data repository.

Microsoft has announced the OPC UA .Net Standard Stack and contributed the C#/.NET source code to the OPC Foundation. The ‘open-source’ implementation is available on GitHub. The .NET standard library technology is said to be a platform-independent dev kit capable of running apps on Linux, iOS, Android and Windows. Microsoft is pitching OPC UA as ‘the interoperability standard for Industrial IoT.’

The Software Engineering Institute has released the 2016 edition of the SEI CERT C++ coding standard.

OGC is seeking comment on the draft charter of a proposed geoscience domain working group, an open forum in to develop and promote technologies for geoscience data description and sharing, a joint effort with the International Union of Geological Sciences.

POSC/Caesar’s ISO15926 organization has issued a new web-based document illustrating the ‘lifecycle of a pump’ from design to operations and maintenance. The graphical modeling, while not for the fainthearted, neatly illustrates the use of FranzInc’s Gruff triple store browser.

A public working draft of the XBRL Assertion Sets 2.0 specification, a means of embedding business validation rules in an XBRL taxonomy, is now available.

The IFRS Foundation has published its 2017 Pocket Guide to IFRS standards, the global financial reporting language.

The European Telecommunications Standards Institute has ventured into the domain of the Internet of Things with the publication of technical specification 103 264 V2.1.1 aka ‘SmartM2M, Smart Appliances – a reference ontology and oneM2M mapping.’ An easier read than ISO15926!

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