Statoil establishes IT CoE

Center of Excellence and NOK ‘1 to 2 billion’ investment to accelerate digital technology deployment and global leadership through 2020.

Statoil is to set up a digital center of excellence and has published a roadmap of seven corporate digitalization initiatives for implementation over the next three years. CEO Eldar Sætre said, ‘We aim to be a global digital leader within our core areas and are stepping up our efforts to capture opportunities provided by the rapid development of digital technologies.’ The seven core areas are 1) safety, security and sustainability, 2) streamlining of work processes and reduction of manual input, 3) tools for subsurface data analysis, 4) data-driven well delivery, 5) field of the future, 6) production optimization and 7) improved decision-making tools.

Statoil acknowledges that the oil industry already makes extensive use of IT but current ‘rapid technological developments’ as creating new opportunities in analytics, robotics and automation. Sætre concluded ‘Digitalization can help improve the safety and security of our operations, both by means of data that provide us with a better decision-making basis, and through reduced exposure in risky operations.’ The CoE includes dedicated units for data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Statoil will recruit for the CoE both internally and externally.

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