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Weatherford’s IoT-based production optimization. AspenOne V10. PetroWeb EnterpriseDB. Petro Niche/Ninja. Dell’s ArcGIS desktop appliance. Geophysical Insights’ AASPI/Paradise. tNavigator on GPUs. OpenFlow Suite 2017. Global Mapper for Android. SciGraph linked open data resource.

Weatherford has announced ‘ForeSite,’ an advanced analytics/internet of things-based production optimization platform. Foresight is built on an OpenStack back end with an HTML5 GUI and provides bidirectional integration with in-house data marts, finance and data historians. Initial focus is on rod-lift systems with planned expansion to other forms of lift, well management and optimization at the reservoir and surface-facility levels.

V10 of AspenOne, AspenTech’s asset optimization flagship reflects an evolution ‘from process optimization to asset optimization.’ The new release integrates big data technology from the 2016 acquisition of MTell. New web-based Aspen basic engineering streamlines data integration in FEED preparation and improves collaboration across globally distributed teams.

PetroWeb’s Enterprise DB 17.1 release adds forms-based data entry, audit trail and a new web-based management dashboard.

Calgary-based Petro Niche has announced Petro Ninja, a web/mobile app to streamline information exchange between the field and office.

Dell/EMC has rolled out (in the US only) an ‘ArcGIS desktop appliance,’ a collaborative effort between Esri, Dell, Nvidia and VMWare.

The 3.1 release of Geophysical InsightsParadise machine learning based seismic attribute analyzer includes the AASPI library of spectral decomposition and geometric attributes.

One Stop Systems has rolled-out ‘SkyScale,’ Nvidia Tesla-based high performance computing as-a-service.

Rock Flow DynamicstNavigator fluid flow simulator can now runs on a GPU/CPU combination. The million cell SPE10 model saw a ‘2-3x’ speedup on the latest Nvidia GPUs.

Beicip-Franlab has announced OpenFlow Suite 2017 with an enhanced GUI, productivity enhancements and a new ICD module for PumaFlow. FracaFlow’s sub-seismic fault modeling is also improved.

Blue Marble Geographics has announced a beta release of Global Mapper for Android with GIS data viewing and field data collection using a mobile device’s GPS.

The public datasets in Springer Nature SciGraph, a linked open data/knowledge graph of research projects, funding and publications, now contain 155 million facts. More data on citations, patents and usage is to follow, growing the resource to over a billion triples. SciGraph data, distributed as RDF data in ‘N-triples’ format, is released under a creative commons license.

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