Exprodat’s free online GIS benchmark

Industry at large scores meagre 2.6 out of 5 on geographic best practices self-test.

Getech unit Exprodat has released an online benchmark app to help operators ‘take their geographic information system (GIS) operations to the next level.’ The free web app provides immediate feedback and an overview of an organization’s geospatial strengths and areas where attention is required. Exprodat’s app also provides a comparison with oil industry peers and competitors (with anonymized data). The benchmark assesses current GIS best practices, helps make a business case for future investments and allows users to track progress over time.

Some 50 organizations have already used the benchmark methodology and some have opted for a follow-up onsite audit. Exprodat expects that the new online app will encourage others to test themselves. To date companies have scored an average of 2.6 on a scale of 1 to 5 in the Exprodat GIS maturity matrix.

E&P companies are ‘slowly beginning to deploy GIS in a true enterprise manner’ as indicated by scores of 3 and above. While a small number of operators score very highly, the vast majority of organizations ‘still struggle with data management, integration, skills and governance.’ Moreover, progress over time is poor. Take the test and check out the GIS benchmark story map on ArcGIS Online.

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