SeismicZone ‘microsites’ to host sellers’ seismics

Katalyst’s seismic data marketplace now offers branded showcases for third party data.

Katalyst has announced a new microsite functionality, an extension of its SeismicZone online seismic data marketplace. The microsite lets seismic data owners market their proprietary data from a private space hosted by Katalyst. Data owners can thus leverage the full functionality of SeismicZone to showcase their data libraries on interactive maps specific to their proprietary data.

SeismicZone stores subsurface data at its private Tier 2 data centers. iGlass, a customized PPDM 3.8 serves metadata to a web-based ESRI map portal. While is independent of Katalyst’s data management solution, data management clients can view data available for license in the iGlass map.

Katalyst CEO Steve Darnell said, ‘In the current environment, many companies are having to explore every avenue for saving time and money. We have been working to address the needs of data owners and purchasers alike to create the best experience for both sides of the resale market.’

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