Intelligent Plant’s Industrial App Store

Astrimar, IDS, Leidos, Siemens and Wood Group tools join IP’s 'Gestalt Alarm Analysis'

Speaking at the UK ITF* showcase in Aberdeen recently, Steve Aitken presented Intelligent Plant’s industrial app store. The IP app store lets operators share technologies and access a market of apps from vendors including Astrimar, IDS, Leidos, Siemens and Wood Group. Vendors can publish apps and ‘get paid as they are used without deployment and maintenance costs.’

Recently announced apps include failure mode and criticality analysis (Femca) preparation and management tools from Astrimar and Wood Group Kenny and augmented reality-based support for field workers from Essert.

IP, an MS Azure and OSIsoft partner, also helps operators make use of the data they already have and claims to ‘understand time-series data.’ IP’s own app is also available on the app store and provides a ‘a consistent set of key performance indicators compliant with EEMUA 191 Rev 3.’ This helps pinpoint ‘bad actor’ equipment types from a consolidated enterprise database of alert and event information from other applications. IP has also developed an interface that allows OSIsoft PI to query the archive and trend or display the results.

* Industry technology facilitator (UK).

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