SkyX launches pipeline drone

Visual, infra-red and multispectral VTOL sensor platform operates at 150kph for 70 minutes.

Ontario-based SkyX has announced an unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV/aka drone) to serve the ‘multi-billion’ pipeline monitoring market. SkyOne drones offer a vertical take-off and landing capability, autonomous flight and recharging. SkyOne can travel at 150km per hour for 70 minutes looking for leaks, vandalism, vegetation encroachment and more. SkyOne innovates with on-site recharging at strategically located ‘xStations’ housed in weather-shielded domes.

SkyOne can be equipped with a range of sensors including visual, infra-red and multispectral. The SkyX OS software provides at-a-glance monitoring of a single drone or a whole fleet, flagging anomalies in real time for rapid response or further investigation.

SkyX reports that the current oil and gas pipeline surveillance relies on road vehicles and helicopters to detect damage and threats. SkyOne brings a 24/7 capability for real time collection of a ‘far wider scope’ of information. The solution is provided through a leasing service model. SkyX can remotely control either an individual UAV or an entire fleet, monitoring events with real-time video.

SkyX launched in April and is seeking Round A financing to address the estimated $37 billion per year monitoring market. More from SkyX.

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