LR deploys Axxim risk profiler on Angolan Olombendo FPSO

Bumi Armada Berhad’s floater gets corrosion baseline inspection for reliability centered maintenance.

Lloyd’s Register has won an inspection contract with Bumi Armada Berhad (BAB) work on its offshore Angolan Armada Olombendo FPSO. The agreement covers LR’s risk-based inspection services and Axxim software which is used to develop quantitative risk profiles and to support BAB management team’s short and long term CAPEX/OPEX decisions.

Axxim provides risk-based inspection, reliability-centered maintenance, root cause analysis and more. The project includes corrosion risk assessment and risk-based inspection expertise for the hull, topside structures, pipelines, turret, mooring system, pipework and pressure safety valves. The initial six month contract will provides a baseline and template for BAB’s subsequent inspection and maintenance programs.

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