ITVizion addresses nightmare of cross-system synchronization

Blogger Alex Ivasu on IT Vizion’s ‘generic, self-sustaining' PI AF meta-model.

A recent blog posting by IT Vizion’s Alex Ivascu asks ‘why is cross-system model synchronization still a nightmare?’ ERP systems, maintenance management systems, data historians and other applications need to embed an information hierarchy from tags, across sub-assemblies, right up to the level of the plant. Such systems likely had an accurate version of the model when first implemented but as the plant and processes evolve, things can easily get out of sync.

One of IT Vizion’s oil and gas clients needed an asset model for its maintenance management system (MMS). One possibility was to build the model in the MMS, but most will not support proper modeling or integration with other apps.

Instead, IT Vizion has created a ‘generic self-sustaining’ model in OSIsoft PI Asset Framework, capturing work performed by the clients engineers to convert process drawings into intelligent P&ID’s. PI AF now supports management of complex process models, based on class templates and tied into the company’s financial systems. An ‘intelligent’ tag naming convention will also tie the model into CAD-defined assets, Microsoft SSIS and Siemens XHQ framework. The expectation is now that ‘the nightmare of cross system model synchronization will be a thing of the past!’

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