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Chun Yuan Gu is now president of ABB EMEA region. He takes over from Frank Duggan, who succeeds retiree Bernhard Jucker as president, Europe.

Tim Ho heads-up Aqualis’ Taiwan office.

Clay Harter has started a new business line at Bahwan CyberTek focused on selling and customizing Tibco/OpenSpirit-based solutions to the oil and gas vertical. Harter was previously with Tibco.

Mike Benson is the new national director of sales at Barco’s control rooms business.

Richard Lane has stepped down as director of Ceiba.

Tawny Chritton (CH2M) is chair of the Building Responsibility Worker Welfare organization.

Tina Donikowski has been appointed to Circor International’s Board of Directors. She retired from GE in 2015.

Jeff Ritenour has been promoted to EVP and CFO at Devon Energy.

Gary Gonzenback is now senior industry advisor in Entero’s Houston office.

Lindsay Brown has been promoted to event coordinator at Foster Marketing.

GE Oil and Gas has opened a new facility in Takoradi Port, Ghana.

Hiroshi Takuwa has been appointed to a senior role at Inpex’ business planning and strategy division.

Richard Slater is to retire from KBR.

Louis Armstrong has joined Kleinfelder as EVP and west division director.

Michael Link is now VP of advanced analytics and machine learning at Kongsberg Digital. He was previously CIO at Opera software.

Michael Baker International has named Lisa Roger EVP and CIO. She hails from SC3. Leanna Anderson (previously with ServiceLink) is EVP and chief communications officer.

Maana has appointed Roop Lakkaraju as CFO, Steven Gustafson as Chief Scientist, Len Emmick as CSO and Azita Martin as CMO.

Jan Finckenhagen heads-up MacGregor’s (part of Cargotec) new training academy and VR showroom in Arendal, Norway.

Michael Martens (Implico) has been appointed to the PIDX membership committee.

Matthew Zack is VP of business development and corporate marketing at Ansys. He was previously with SAP.

C-Core has named Mark MacLeod as president and CEO. He succeeds retiree Charles Randell.

Luis Bermudez heads-up the OGC’s innovation program (previously the interoperability program).

Rich Herrmann is product director at Oseberg.

Robert Phillips is retiring from his role as chairman of Precision’s board. He is succeeded by Steven Krablin.

QS Energy has appointed Jason Lane as CEO and chairman.

Bjoern Goerke is now CTO at SAP.

Jim Granath, Catalina Luneburg and Jill Almaguer have joined Subsurface Consultants & Associates as instructors.

Shell has opened a new ‘major’ technology hub in Bangalore, India.

Juan Carlos Picott heads-up Schlumberger’s new Houston production technology center of excellence.

Spectris has named Karim Bitar as non executive director.

DeWitt Burdeaux and Lane Miller are now training and market directors at TRC.

Shane Fraser has joined Ziyen’s board of directors to lead the new Oil Intelligence division.

The Alberta Transportation Safety Board has deployed a team of investigators to the site of a pipeline ‘occurrence’ at a storage facility near Edmonton, Alberta.

Warren Business Consulting has published the 2017 edition of its Survey of talent management in oil and gas.

Elbert van der Bijl is to represent Assai on the USPI board.

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