OGA commissions Lloyds Register on ... decommissioning

UK Oil & Gas Authority launces multi-operator P&A optimization program with help from LR.

The UK government’s Oil and gas authority (OGA) is asking operators to voluntarily participate in a multi-operator, well plug and abandonment (P&A) optimization program. The aim is to ‘demonstrate the cost savings which can be achieved through collaborative working, stimulate work-sharing campaigns and adopt improved execution and contracting models.’

OGA has commissioned Lloyd’s Register (LR) to act as project manager for the initial selection phase.

OGA head of decommissioning Jim Christie said, ‘Cost efficiency, knowledge sharing and best practice adoption are key to our decommissioning strategy. While estimates of cost, scale and scope vary, there is no doubt that the decommissioning effort facing our basin is significant. We must act now to capitalize on the opportunity it presents for innovation, cost reduction and further development of our skilled supply chain.’ A ‘collaborative well P&A program’ is planned for 2018/19 More from OGA.

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